Saturday, 22 January 2011

My illogical brain

Well, I intended to keep this blog as my main OCA Learning Log but that has not happened.   I started my main sketchbook and straight away started making notes alongside sketches. That then developed further and I realised that what I was doing was a combined sketchbook and learning log.  It seemed to be working so I kept with it and now intend to keep a combined sketchbook/learning log for the rest of the course and beyond.  I like being able to write my reflections fairly spontaneously as I am going along, whilst being able to easily refer to my sketches. It means I can scribble a thought as I am sketching, which probably means most of it will be nonsense, but hopefully there will be the odd musing that makes sense.....

I do intend to keep blogging though, as and when,  as well as uploading my coursework. I'm full of good intentions...Happy Art ;-)

1 comment:

  1. That happened to me too. Good decision on your part, wish I'd gone the all in one route, it makes sense especially for the contextual stuff. I ended up with both but a lot of overlap between them.